Brown recluse

Brown recluse

The Brown recluse spider leaves its web at night to hunt it is a nocturnal species, it is native to the United States and is rarely aggressive and believe it or not actual bites from this species are uncommon, read more on the Brown recluse spider and White tailed spider Lampona cylindrata.

Most bite reports are a result of the Brown recluse spider being pressed up against the skin, Brown recluse spider bite may occur in cases such as this where the spider was inside a shoe, glove, or in clothing. It is always good practice when getting the washing off the line to thoroughly shake all clothing for potential hitch hiking Brown recluse spiders to avoid a brown recluse spider bite, many different unwanted insects can also be transported unknowingly back into the home by this method also, to prevent spiders in housewhite tailed spider be sure to shake out all washing from the clothes line.

Brown recluse spider bite

A Brown recluse spider bite may not be felt initially and not painful immediately, the bite will usually become painful and itchy around the bite site around 2 to 8 hours but the majority of brown recluse spider bites do not result in any symptoms at all, a bite from a brown recluse  in some instances can become ulcerated, this is a condition known as necrotising arachnidism, It is estimated that a good 80% of reported brown recluse bites may be misdiagnosed.

Brown recluse spider pic, source wiki

Brown recluse spider bite treatment

For Brown recluse spider bite there are no real set of rules, generally it involves an ice pack being held at the bite site if bitten by a brown recluse but most importantly seek medical attention immediately for safer spider bite treatment. If possible and if it can be done safely capture the spider and put in a secure container so it can be positively identified as the brown recluse is often mistaken for species that look similar.

The Brown recluse spider has a hemotoxic component to its venom and statistics show that most bites from the brown recluse are minor, however there have been numerous cases where clinically diagnosed Brown recluse spider bites have gone on to produce severe necrosis, always seek medical attention in the case of spider bite (including the Brown recluse) as it is always better to be safe then sorry.

Necrotising arachnidism is an ulcer that may take many months to heal. It is said a lot of suspect Brown recluse spider bites are misdiagnosed during spider bite treatment and could in fact be the symptoms of an illness unknown to the victim, there is a test that can be undertaken to test for the presence of brown recluse venom by way of ELISA, Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay, this will determine whether the victim has sustained a bite from a brown recluse or another different species.

The White tailed spider

White tailed spider bite necrosis, fact or fiction?

white tailed spiderThe white tailed spider in Australia has been blamed for Necrotising arachnidism. On countless occasions it has been misdiagnosed much like  Brown recluse spider bite.

The connection between Necrotising arachnidism and the white tailed spider is not a strong one and and is yet to be proven, it is not known whether it is the result of the venom of the white tailed spider or from bacteria, also another suspect is the Australian Wolf spider of which there are more then one species.

The photo to the left is a result of a suspected White tailed spider bite which a friend of mine was unfortunate to receive, this photo was taken 2 weeks after the initial suspect bite taking place and is still in the healing process at the time of writing this article, there had been numerous sightings of white tailed spiders at the time at the location.

I myself (sites Author) have also been unfortunate enough to be bitten in the arch of my left foot by a suspect white tailed spider, although I did not feel the bite (if it were in fact a white tailed spider bite at all) it started a near on 18 month sentence of excruciating pain.

Read on for White tail spider bite symptoms and white tailed spider bite pictures, once again this is a suspected white tail spider bite.

At first the bite site come up in a small what is called a “satellite sore” which is apparently a common symptom of the white tailed spider bite, this within a few days opened up into a half inch deep crater and with necrosis the wound cannot form a scab to protect itself from bacteria leaving it more susceptible to infection which did eventually happened, was this the result of a white tailed spider bite?

white tailed spiderAntibiotics will not do a thing for necrosis, reason being it is not a bacterial infection, it is caused by one of the components of the white tailed spiders venom (apparently) that causes tissue destruction (necrosis) or Necrotising arachnidism

The “necrosis” aids the organism in from which it come in digestion usually turning tissue into a semi liquid form for digestion, some snakes also have tissue, blood and muscle destroying proteins in their venom’s especially the black snake from the genus Pseudechis, To the left is a photo of my foot 15 odd years later, the red arrow indicating the point of envenomation the bite site is still a deep purplish discoloration and all the nerve endings are totally destroyed in that area of the foot, Question is ….. was it really a white tailed spider that was the cause?

There has been much hysteria propagated by the media concerning the link between the white tailed spider and necrosis that has evolved into outright panic and fear of the white tailed spider.

Personally I think the the white tailed spider bite will eventuate into nothing more than a itchy red lump and obviously more research needs to be done into the connection between white tailed spider bites and Necrotising arachnidism , as it stands today (and no thanks to the media) and their over the top sensationalism concerning the entire white tailed spider genus, the white tailed spider has been tried and convicted without its day in court and we have no one to blame but the media for this occurring.

Interesting report on White tailed spider bite.

White tailed spider bite video.

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