How to get rid of spiders


How to get rid of spiders

Spiders are primarily insect eaters and depending on the species are either entering the home to seek warmth or are hunting. Knowing the basics on spider behavior will improve your chances on how to get rid of spiders.

Spiders have many sensory receptors to allow them to hunt/ breed/ and survive. Spiders can detect warmth coming from underneath the bottoms of doors and around windows, or in through the roof as warm air rises up, spiders are looking for a comfortable environment in which to hunt and reproduce.

So, How to get rid of spiders?

Some spider species here in Australia and most parts of the world for that matter are synanthropic this is one of the reasons we seek information on how to get rid of spiders. Synanthropic means that the organism (in this case the spider) does well and their populations thrive when living in close proximity with human habitation.

In a way I suppose you could related it to symbiosis basically, as the spider itself is benefiting from us in way of a reliable food source and shelter and killing off unwanted household pests, and we are benefiting from the spiders being there by them killing off the unwanted household pests, thing is we don’t want the spiders in the house (well some of us) leaving most people with that burning question “How to get rid of spiders?”

Redback spider (Latrodectus hasselti)

Red back spider (Latrodectus hasselti)

One of the best way on how to get rid of spiders is to remove their food source. This can be achieved by  keeping insect numbers down and giving them less reason to enter or take up residence.

Also another way on how to get rid of spiders is to trim all trees and hedges back from the house. This is your first line of defense on how to get rid of spiders and stop spiders coming in the house.

If you live in a brick home, block the weep holes at the bottom of the brickwork with old stockings or similar to keep spiders out but also let the wall cavity breathe. Following these simple tasks should dramatically reduce and prevent spiders in house. It is also important to make sure all fly screens and door screens are in good condition and they sit flush in their frames.

Natural predation

It is good practice to leave in place the spiders natural predators such as the common house gecko, these are a perfect little natural defense against spiders and a natural way on how get rid of spiders.

The Daddy long legs spider I am sure we have all heard of before are a great defense against the Australian Redback spider and are completely harmless. The only drawback to having the Australian Daddy long legs spider in your home is their unsightly messy webs.

Daddy long legs spider

The Daddy long legs spider is very common and found in most homes within Australia and there has been much misconception when it comes to the Daddy long legs spider whether or not it is in fact the worlds deadliest spider? so is the Daddy long legs poisonous?

How to get rid of spidersThe Daddy long legs spiders are in fact venomous and possess venom glands as well as fangs that are very tiny but are completely harmless to humans but they do prey upon Redback spiders which are venomous to man and have caused 14 deaths to date in Australia. There is an anti-venom for Red back spider bite.

The Daddy long legs spider I am sure we have all heard of before are a great line of defense against The Australian Red back spider and how to get rid of spiders, they are completely harmless and are a great way on how to get rid of spiders and other pest species in the home.

Other ways of how to get rid of spiders

Keeping the house clean is a good way on how to get rid of spiders, dirty dishes and an unkempt environment attracts insects that in turn attracts spiders.

Vacuuming areas where spiders have been and still are is another good method to keep the population in check being sure all egg sacs are also sucked up!

Time to look closely at your household lighting! insect attracting globes such as the common incandescent tungsten type filament globes have to go, they attract insects, replace these with a non attracting amber globes. These globes work by blocking the visual spectrum of light that an insect can see, this is a good tip on how to get rid of spiders.

Keep rubbish bins way from the house as these attract insects.

All the above are a great start on how to get rid of spiders and keep them out of the house and deprive them of food and a suitable habitat.

Some quick home remedies on how to get rid of spiders

Spreading baking soda in areas where spiders are found as well as spreading it in any potential spider habitats are said to be a good way to get rid of spiders.

Diatomaceous Earth can be used to kill spiders, it works by dehydrating the spider but the spider must come into full contact with the substance which can prove difficult as most spider species walk with their bodies way up off the ground.

Eucalyptus oil it is said is another method on how to get rid of spiders, although whether this works or not is debatable.

Following these simple steps on how to get rid of spiders will dramatically reduce their populations.

Be sure to watch the how to get rid of spiders video for more tips!

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