White tailed spider bite

White tailed spider bite

I will briefly cover dangerous Australian spiders mainly the White tailed spider and White tailed spider bite for the moment that may enter the home at any given time of the year.

The white tailed spider are fairly common house spider. In this article I will be covering the Australian White tailed spider, and White tailed spider bite, White tailed spider bite has been blamed on numerous occasions for nasty spider bites some of which were that severe the victims unfortunate enough to be bitten have actually taken their own lives.

The following spider bites pictures were supplied by a friend who had just recently received a White tailed spider bite (well White tailed spider bite is suspected anyway) the following are spider bite stages.

The above images in the White tailed spider bite gallery are White tailed spider bite stages, the images are however suspect White tailed spider bite. The spider bite stages are from week one of the suspect White tailed spider bite, to week six of the suspect White tailed spider bite.

White tailed spider bite

After 1 week, suspect White tailed spider bite

Spider bite

Spiders are active hunters and rely heavily on their bites to kill or immobilize their prey and are an important part of our food chain basically all spiders are venomous to a certain degree and should be referred to as such by the word “venomous” and not by the word “poisonous” as “poisonous” is something often used to describe a substance that is usually ingested.

Some spiders are very shy and gain nothing from biting humans as they do not see the human as a prey item we can easily relate this to snakes also ……. so why do spiders bite? most spiders and snakes bite purely as a means of self defense if they feel threatened also another thing to bear in mind that some spiders do exhibit rather aggressive behavior but once again this is only when threatened or molested this is purely an instinctive behavior of fight or perish.

A spiders venom is basically once again similar to snake venom and that is it is a modified saliva that has undergone millions of years of evolution and eventually coming out the other end as a substance used by the spider to kill or immobilize its prey and also render the prey items tissue down into a liquid form so as the spider can digest and suck the meal up the venom does this by in some cases having a neurotoxic component to its venom which causes tissue destruction or necrosis this condition is known as necrotizing arachnidism if bitten by certain species believed to be responsible for this brutal condition the spider bites symptoms will start to become very obvious within a few days of envenomation, the above condition is believed to be caused by either wolf spider bite or the White tail spider a native species of Australia, some spider bite images can be found above.

White tailed spider bite

Suspect White tailed spider bite

My personal experience a suspect White tailed spider bite and Necrotising arachnidism

As shown in the suspect White tailed spider bite spider bite photo of my foot (left) In my case it was  either a White tail spider bite or one of the Wolf spider species this was to be about 12 months of PAIN, but this is only a guess?

Being one that cannot stand wearing shoes from an early age as my feet overheat badly this ended up the fact I wasn’t wearing shoes at the time I received a spider bite in the arch of my left foot. I am not sure if it was a white tail spider bite or not. I did not feel the initial bite as I think at the time I was walking through thick bush and having no shoes on you feel many things poking into your skin.

This story dates to around the year 1995 I think when I was living in Northern Queensland Australia on a large property. The type of bush I was walking through at the time was thick scrub as mentioned with a lot of loose leaf litter covering the ground which is prime white tail spider Lampona murina habitat, the other species here in Australia Lampona cylindrata is more a southern species, murina is found more north. Note: sometimes the white tailed spider can be referred to as the white spider.

At first there was a small reddish discoloration that was only slightly itchy this within a few days become hypersensitive and broke out into what I think are called “satellite sores” this eventually evolved into a quickly deepening sore almost like the cauldron of a volcano that went roughly an inch into my foot this is when I suspected it to be either a wolf spider bite or white tail spider bite.

I put up with this for nearly 6 months before deciding to go to the doctor as I knew within my mind what it was and knew there was not to much that could be done about it treatment wise. The doctor took a swab of the bite site and that was sent off to pathology and also tested for anthrax as there had been cases of it in the area in days gone by, and Anthrax can stay viable in the soil for literally decades and the symptoms were similar to that of White tailed spider bite, or Wolf spider bite.

I was eventually put on a broad spectrum antibiotic which of course done nothing as it was not caused by a bacterium, all the antibiotics would of done was to keep infection from taking hold worsening the condition, antibiotics are not really any good for spider bite treatment

Eventually I accepted I was on my own and stopped taking the antibiotics as soon as the script ran out making sure the area was kept clean as at no stage did I cover the site preferring to keep it in the open air. The shear desperation of this condition having this sore that would never form a proper scab and go through the natural healing process drove me to experiment with various ways of forcing it to heal by way of saline solution, Mercurochrome, antiseptic creams, I even tried honey to see how well its natural antiseptic and healing properties would go all to no avail.

One day while sitting under the old Mango tree I decided to try Methylated spirits knowing it seems to dry the skin out from prolonged use which I remembered when I worked aszier I de a glacided to give it a go.

Because the bite was in such an awkward place I sat cross legged on the ground and poured a cap full of “metho” neat straight into the hole in my foot which I can assure you didn’t tickle, because the wound would not heal and only formed a thin film on the surface it never progressed any further forming a hard proper scab.

After doing this 10 times or so a day the pain become less and within a week or less by memory things started to look a lot better now and there was actually a scab starting to form which made things a lot more comfortable as this protected the underneath from even a slight breeze blowing over it caused considerable pain, after repeating this for a couple of weeks there was a good scab now covering the wound completely and the site was now no longer hypersensitive and on the road to healing.

After a few months it was completely healed and all that was left was a very dark red discolored area where the sore once was it was now numb as all the nerve endings along with the tissue in that area necrotized and was killed off. Still to this day there is no feeling in that part of my foot and as you can see in the photo above it is still discolored in that area and devoid of any nerve endings. I would not recommend to anyone to use this as a spider bite treatment as spider bite symptoms are all different plus doing what I did with the metho is a bit rough in a way BUT it worked! you can look at it as a sort of home remedy for White tailed spider bite ;-)

From time to time years and years later it gets a little dry pimple exactly where the suspect White tailed spider bite and occurred, and you cant help but think is it going to open up again? As I have read about this condition returning years later whether this is true or not I cannot say, I still have to ask myself from time to time ……. was it actually a white tail spider bite that caused all that misery? I guess I will never know.

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White tailed spider bite — 7 Comments

  1. Hi,
    I was bitten by a white tip in 97 on the ankle, luckily the doctor I saw after 3 days of excruciating pain knew what to do and carved out the full site of wound with a scalpel.
    The wound healed well and I had no further issue.
    2 weeks ago I was camping in Narooma and got hammered by a few ticks and leeches.
    I have been ‘done’ by these before and normally come good after a few weeks.
    This time my immune system was way done and the site of white tail bite has become inflamed and is itchy as.
    Does anyone think that previous bite would have a re occurrence?

    • I was bitten by an unknown spider, probably while in bed, most likely a white-tailed spider, as they are common on south coast of NSW. First saw them about 15 years ago, more times than not in unfolded washing. And even in between a bed sheet,or blanket. The bite area near my groin, and the upper part of my inner thigh, confirmed by a doctor to be a spider or insect bite. Started as a single, itchy, slightly sore raised pimple ( without a head ) and soon within about 3-5 hours turned into a multi-blistered growth that was quite sore. That was about 10-11 years ago. After anti-biotics, it did go away after a week or so, then came back after a year, and then again after more than 12 monts, ( similar symptoms, and treatment ). About 5 and a bit years ago, I got a massive “outbreak”, with widespread blistering, and infection. I saw a doctor at his practice ( I was on holidays down the coast ) and he was quite shocked, and said; your body is really wanting to get rid of the poison, so he gave me a local and took to the scalpel. He said that would probably be it. Never had another problem until 3 days ago! Back again. Blisters not too bad, but the skin irritation and infection is quite annoying. Off to the doctor today.

  2. I have the same re accering bite every 3 months or so same spot for two years now doctors still arnt sure what it is do you have a address I can send some pics an get some advice PLEASE!!!!!!

    • Get them to cut the area out or look into it. You may still have the pincers imbedded in the old bite wound. That what happened to me. It flared up 6 weeks later and the pincers were pushed out by all the fluid. Hasn’t come back since

    • same here David…flare up today…hot red and blistered///on my forearm
      could never find poit of entry
      and cannot remember being bitten

  3. Very informative piece you have written. I was bitten by a white tail spider, Feb 22nd 2013. You question at the end about flare ups?, yes they do occur, as I am experiencing one as I type. Hot red rash from bite site up my leg nearly to my knee. I used Colloidal Silver & Liquid Echinacea to boost my immune system and fight any infection. I get itchy blisters form all over my foot also. I found antibiotics made me sicker, and did nothing to stop the spread of the infection.

    • thankyou…I too have a flare up on my arm today ..cant remember when I was bitten could be over 18months ago or how often flare ups happen…mayb4/12…cannot see entry point
      today..a cellulitic area with blisters in middle…this is the worst it has been…I wouldnt call it an infection..(no pus)
      when its dormant…just a darkish area on my forearm
      what next?

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